Aspects of Creativity in the Assyrian Dream Book
This research showcase argues that the Assyrian Dream Book contains a number of interesting semantic properties reflecting what is known as ‘exploratory creativity’. This kind of creativity can be metaphorically understood as a person traversing a path across a space of conceptual possibilities. The features of the Dream Book which illustrate this creativity are found in omen protases and include processes of conceptual elaboration, abstraction, and contextual frame shifting. Via such processes, much of the Dream Book can be seen as an exploratory creative walk traversing numerous semantic domains linked by principles of creative association. The upshot of the research showcase is that Akkadian omen collections like the Dream Book crucially involve a heuristic exploratory element akin to what is found in creative storytelling.
CreativityAssyrian Dream BookFrame ShiftPath DigressionSemanticsCognitive MechanismsAkkadianDivination
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