About u:scholar

u:scholar is a publication service run by the University of Vienna. It is an institutional repository whose aim is to collect and present the research results of university staff. This includes journal articles and monographs as well as congress and working papers. In principle it is possible to use u:scholar to also archive research data. To be able to cater for the special requirements needed for these, u:scholar will receive further functional updates, e.g. specific metadata to describe research data, as well as appropriate version management. Learn more about the purposes of u:scholar...

As part of the university library's open access initiative, u:scholar has been designed as our contribution to worldwide access to academic output, especially if it has been made possible through public funding. Many publishers will allow a second publication in a repository (Green Road to Open Access). Academic staff are invited to use u:scholar to enable free access to their research findings themselves.

We are collaborating closely with the library's research documentation (u:cris) team so that we can determine which content can be archived in u:scholar without the express permission of the author(s) on basis of the respective licence. This is done in the case of all contributions published as Gold Open Access. The collection of the metadata by the research documentation team was regulated by law in the Wissensbilanz-Verordnung for Austrian universities.

Technically, u:scholar is a special user interface for Phaidra. This application is based on the open source software Fedora Commons to archive digital objects and their metadata. We are cooperating with the University Computer Centre to ensure availability and the continuing development of u:scholar.