Metadata policy

Metadata are used to describe documents and materials submitted to u:scholar with regards to content, technical and administrative aspects. Metadata added by the users during the submission process underly a functional check by the University Library's repository management.

The – also commercial – usage, sharing and re-use of these metadata is explicitly supported by Vienna University. Thereby, the provenance of these metadata does not have to be declared. These usage rights are in accordance to those provided by the licence CC0.

Documents and materials submitted to u:scholar have to be enriched with descriptive metadata during the submission process. Mandatory fields are:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Affiliation
  • Publication date
  • Language
  • Publication type
  • Version
  • Access rights and eventual embargo period
  • Licence

Furthermore, the following optional fields are available:

  • Abstract
  • Funder and project number
  • DOI
  • Other URLs
  • Keywords
  • Journal title
  • Volume, Issue, ISSN
  • Pages
  • Publisher
  • Dewey Decimal Classification

A persistent identifier, which is linked to the metadata, will be assigned to every uploaded file.

Some technical metadata will be generated automatically by the software Fedora Commons, e.g. timestamp of the upload, MIME-type and file size.