• A choice-semantical approach to theoretical truth

    • Holger Andreas
      University of British Columbia
    • Georg Schiemer
      Institut für Philosophie, Fakultät für Philosophie und Bildungswissenschaft, Universität Wien
  • A central topic in the logic of science concerns the proper semantic analysis of theoretical sentences, that is sentences containing theoretical terms. In this paper, we present a novel choice-semantical account of theoretical truth based on the epsilon-term definition of theoretical terms. Specifically, we develop two ways of specifying the truth conditions of theoretical statements in a choice functional semantics, each giving rise to a corresponding logic of such statements. In order to investigate the inferential strength of these logical systems, we provide a translation of each truth definition into a modal definition of theoretical truth. Based on this, we show that the stronger notion of choice-semantical truth captures more adequately our informal semantic understanding of scientific statements.

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  • Wissenschaftlicher Artikel

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  • 2016

  • 58

  • 1-23

  • Elsevier BV

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  • 0039-3681